What’s the best way of getting a gearbox or differential problem sorted?

Simple, find out what the problem is, then fix it.

Our aim is to offer a range of services to meet the needs of every type of customer in every type of circumstance:

Specified repairs – we find the fault and we fix only the fault, keeping your costs as low as possible.

Full recondition – we take your unit and recondition it, replacing all worn components so your box is ‘as good as new’.

Service exchange – the quickest method where we supply you with a replacement unit, taking your unit in exchange, minimising your down time.

Differentials – over 70% of units require what we call a ‘reshod’ – simply replacing the bearing kit and re-using your undamaged crown wheel & pinion which is the most expensive component. However, if you need/want a fully reconditioned unit we can do that too!

We cover every game in town, units built without compromise, customer service second to none.

All HGV,PSV & PLANT differential repairs or total re-manufacture: FACT:- Over 70% of diffs just need simple overhaul.