Volvo B10M 6 Speed

Just one tooth broken off one gear.

Clean break. Our job just to fit a new gear onto the mainshaft.

Job Done!

Eaton 6 Speed

Friction lining detached from ring.

The only problem we found in the box just required a new ring.

Job Done!


Contaminated oil.

Just a clean & flush & new oil. That's all.

Job Done!

Toyota Optimo

Just a sheared bolt out of the selector rail.

Fault found, just fitted a new bolt

Job Done!

Volvo VR-EGS

Not changing into top gears.

Just a new valve block fitted, the box, the range, the inatarder all 100% okay.

Job Done!

Iveco 75E17

Just a slight oil leak from the back end.

Take off the back of the box, fit a new rear bearing & seal, rebuild and that's that.

Job Done!

Volvo 12B

Whine - diff nose bearing pitted & worn

We just re-line the diff with a new bearing kit and it's back in the bus & running.

Job Done!

Volvo FM

Jammed PTO damaged the gearbox teeth.

Worse things happen at sea! We just fitted a new layshaft gear, turned around in a day.

Job Done!

Iveco 9 Speed

Someone had taken the box apart and then.....

Had a problem putting it back together again. So, over to us, happens all the time!

Job Done!

Coach 12 Speed AS Tronic

Split 'O' ring on the air valve.

Yes, it took us a few hours to find the fault, but this is all we found on a £10,000 unit.

Job Done!

Merc. Diff

Just a broken spring on the cross lock dog.

Customer almost spent £5,500 at Merc for a new diff - was just a broken spring.

Job Done!

Hino 16 Speed

Snapped cone - only fault found in the unit.

Not unusual; components are made out of very hard (brittle) steel. A clean break, so new cone fitted for a speedy fix.

Job Done!

Scania Diff

Had noise when cornering.

Noise was caused by one of the thrust washers that had cracked. That's it. Fixed in an hour.

Job Done!

Volvo ECU

Just a broken stop bar.

We have a live rig to run these units in the workshop. We identify the fault, tell you what's going on and fix it.

Job Done!

Setra 6 Speed

Mainshaft nut came loose (that's it).

That's all, we fitted a new nut, refitted the range, customer up & running same day.

Job Done!

Volvo G7 EGS

Just the valve 'O' rings chewed up.

Box not working owing to an air leak. No wonder! Just £5 worth of 'O' rings required to fix it.

Job Done!

Mitsubishi Canter

Just a worn bearing surface causing noise.

Bad bearing had pitted the shaft. Recover the shaft and fit new beaing. (That's all she wrote!).

Job Done!

Coach 12 Speed AS Range

Worn out range post (That's all folks!).

Box section all okay, just one post in the range worn away due to bearing failure.

Job Done!

Merc 12 Speed

Just one cracked synchro ring.

The rest of this unit was 100% good; just a crack in one synchro ring.

Job Done!

DAF 16 Speed

Just a broken 'm' plate in the turret.

Not £3,000 for a whole box, but just £3 for a new 'M' plate and set of springs.

Job Done!

Volvo I-Shift

Just a broken stop bar.

Volvo told this customer they needed a whole box for £12,000. Then we had a look at it

Job Done!