Full recondition (overhaul) means just that, friction parts replaced, gear trains checked macroscopically, gears and shaft undergo Rockwell C hardness testing, over 50 mandatory checks and tests are completed during every reassembly. Your original box delivered back with a new lease of life & ready to go. The best gearboxes in the world (in our opinion) pass out through our gates.

Fully stripped down / rebuilt

New replacement parts fitted

Tested at all stages of re-build

Warranty up to 3 Years*

Often your transmission can be of a particular specification. A service exchange unit may be the same model but of a different variant or pattern. We have your original unit in, fully recondition that, and ship it back for refitting 100%.

Q. What about all the bits connected to my gearbox?
A. We have the lot in, just as it came out the vehicle, we remove the range sections, intarder, valve blocks etc., and refit them onto your newly reconditioned unit.